About Haneen

5 years old me

Hi there, I’m Haneen Alemam.

I’m a children’s books illustration student and freelancer, interested in art in general but mostly in children’s art and all these kinds of cutie adorable illustrations.

I’ve always been that artist girl in the class, who grabs her sketchbook during free classes and doodle, who draws the teacher during boring classes and amuses her friends. I’m a self-taught artist since I was 8. My mom was a major help as she has a fair artistic knowledge, she taught me the basics of figure drawing before I even was in school, the rest I owe to Youtube, DeviantArt, and blogs and books.

Since it wasn’t meant for me to study art in college, as they didn’t have such major in my city, I had my BA in English Literature. During that time, I worked hard to build up my skills in traditional painting, digital illustration, and had the chance to participate in a gallery, sell a painting for the first time, and illustrated three children’s books.

Currently, I’m a children’s books illustration student, and I plan on doing lots and lots of children’s books. My favorite media is watercolors, however I enjoy digital illustration as well.

my drawings when I was 11